Gapado AiR


  • Nationality South Korea
  • Duration 2018.03~2018.08

Yangachi is known for his experimental works that probe broader possibilities of new media. Going beyond holding exhibitions, he collaborates with experts from various fields including music, dance and architecture to show performances and installation works. Yangachi is a leading media artist in Korea whose work spectrum continues to expand from a visual communication of media toward exploring the possibilities of audio and synesthetic communication. In 2002, he used the web in the ‘Yangachi Guild’ where he likened the sociopolitical situation in Korea to the online world and home shopping. In the ‘eGovernment’ exhibition, he predicted that media fantasies can turn into a surveillance system against individuals, as reflected in the then internet world brought about by the collusion of the government and capital. Yangachi leverages the media as a means to express his acute and critical perspective against society without falling into the complacent and naive delusion of media technology. The artist continues to devise his own unique formative language, exploring the essence of media as a concept and challenging the long standing conventions of visual arts. Yangachi graduated from Suwon University College of Art & Design, as a sculpture major then studied at Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication and Arts with M.F.A. in Media Arts. He has held many private exhibitions in Seoul including Insa Art Space, Sangsang Madang, Art Center Nabi, Hakgojae gallery, as well as Galeria Metropolitana in Chile. He also participated in exhibitions worldwide including France, Hong Kong, Japan, U.S. and Chile. In 2010, the artist was awarded the Hermes Missulssang.