Gapado AiR

Eliana Otta Vildoso

  • Nationality Peru
  • Duration 2018.03~2018.06

Eliana Otta Vildoso is a multimedia artist from Lima, Peru who is expanding her presence in the international art scene holding exhibitions in New York, London and Barcelona. Born and raised in the mega city of Lima with a population of over 10 million, exploration into the relation between human and urban space has naturally become the core and theme of Vildoso’s works. After majoring in arts and culture studies, she continues to delve into the essence of human life, including human vs. city, city vs. nature, and individual vs. communal life etc. Diverse memories, emotions and tensions that constitute the spaces in which we reside, such as the endless development of residences and roads, peculiar and rapidly changing urban environment, the contrast and discrepancy between urban and natural landscape and architectural changes are expressed in videos, sculptures and installations. She has invited people to make drawings or tell stories, all of which are experiences designed to share people’s thoughts and memories about using shared space and think about what people are dreaming of. In line with the artist’s interest in people, she also seeks various perspectives about our relationship with nature. Do we look after nature? Do we own nature or do we belong to it? All of these questions that have been featured in her past works are expected to evolve to a new level through the Gapado Island Residency Program.