Gapado AiR


  • Nationality Finland
  • Duration 2018.03~2018.05

Aamu Song and Johan Olin together created the COMPANY in 2000, a design duo based in Helsinki, Finland. As designers, artists, and producers they have engaged in a wide spectrum of works ranging from small design items to vast spatial designs. As the Korean-Finnish partners have expanded their scope of work, alternating their focus between the design and culture of the East and West, the COMPANY has traveled around the world as part of their ‘SECRETS projects’ to rediscover local traditional cultures and artisans. Each project lets the spectators feel the warm and humane design sensibility that arises from communication with people and culture. Their most renowned artwork, the ‘REDDRESS’ is in the form of a large concert hall, where 238 people in the audience surround and listen to the performer wearing a dress 20 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height. The ‘2016 Flower Vase Tree’ designed for patients in the hospital and the ‘Sounds of Sea’, ‘Concert in the Woods’ that interact with nature, are some examples of the COMPANY’s works which embody the warmth creating a special bond with the spectators. In 2010, the COMPANY received the design prize awarded by the Art Council in Finland, in addition to the Special Mention Award in 2008 at the Milan Furniture Fair, Salone Satellite aimed at introducing young emerging designers. Other recognitions include the 2007 Finnish Labour Association Diploma and the Golden Award at the Blickfang Design Fair in Zurich, Switzerland in 2004.