Gapado AiR

So Young, Chung

  • Nationality South Korea
  • Duration 2018.03~2018.05

Born in France, So Young Chung spent her childhood in both France and Korea then graduated from Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. While she has experience in both cultures, Seoul has been the artist’s base for the last ten years. She has been asking questions about the politics of space through installations in specific places, video and public interventions. Leveraging geology, she delves into the underlying layers of time within her surroundings by visualizing each aspect of history. Her work expands the multilayered relationships that exist between history, space and time to the concept of uncertainty in society. In 2016, she participated in the DMZ project featuring the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea, expanding her work scope from material and space to society and the environment. Moving beyond installation art, she is broadening her artistic horizon by collaborating with artists in different arenas. Chung has held many private exhibitions including at Art Sonje (2016), D Project Space (2013), OCI Museum (2011), Project Space Sarubia Dabang (2008), Kumho Museum (2007); and joined in many group exhibitions at home and abroad such as Nottingham New Art Exchange(2017), Songeun Art Space (2016), Ortakoy Yetimhanesi in Turkey (2016), Amore Pacific Museum (2016), Seoul Museum of Art (2015), Tripostal in Lille, France (2015), Ilmin Museum of Art (2012), Plateau Museum of Art (2011). Furthermore, she was selected to participate in renowned residency programs including the Delfina Foundation Residency Program (2017), Berlin ZK/U(2017), Le Cyclop and Milly-la-Foret Residency in France (2014), SeMA Nanji Residency (2012) etc. Chung also won the Songeun Art Awards in 2016.