Gapado AiR

Jeannette Louie

  • Nationality United States
  • Duration 2018.09~2018.10

Jeannette Louie’s cinematic fables explore the inexplicable, the urgent and the
immersive. Her films delve deeply into the netherworld of consciousness and reveal a
primal desire to understand human sentience and the molecular constructions of
conscious identity. Known for her celebrated scientific fable depicting Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder, Amygdala was awarded Best Avant-garde Film by the American
Psychological Association.  It magnifies the dystopic diaspora of human cognition by
depicting the impact psychology has upon neuroscience.  The philosophical musing of a
neuron profoundly questioning the existence of a human soul is accentuated in The
Land Within, which was awarded a Remi by WorldFest Houston.  The epic short deftly
weaves film, animation, the language of science and streams of consciousness into a
panorama of the mind.  Louie's recent release, Realm of An Inner Child, is a Labocine /
Imagine Science Films commission, which portrays the effect fetal microchimerism has
upon the post-partum condition. She has been awarded a Rome Prize from the
American Academy in Rome, a Creative Capital Foundation Fellowship, and a
MidAtlantic Foundation Fellowship and has received support from the Marie Walsh
Sharpe Art Foundation, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Skowhegan, Yaddo
and Willapa Bay AIR. Her films have been presented at Peloponnisos International
Documentary Festival, Festival International Signes de Nuit, The Black Maria Film
Festival, Imagine Science Films Festival, Citizen Jane Film Festival, Brooklyn Film
Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Athens International Film & Video
Festival, XXIII Message to Man International Film Festival and CineGlobe at CERN.