Gapado AiR

Gihun Noh

  • Nationality South Korea
  • Duration 2018.11~2019.02

Gihun Noh was born in Gumi in 1985. Now, he lives and works in Seoul. He showed photography, performance, installation and image based on the observation of the documentary things that exist mainly here and now. His way of working which is making his own unique reality as if in the self-contradiction is the way to be lived the past by a vulnerable Korean young man who is living in Korea where experienced many changes for a short period of time.

Gihun Noh is interested in the geographical environment resulted from the past, and takes a picture of its present appearance. From the premise that 'The current situation stems from the past', He takes a picture of the shadows of the past surrounding the present. For example, the first generation industrial complex builded by the government's urban planning(Gumi City), the validity of the Seoul-Incheon Railroad Line, the first railroad which was built during the Japanese colonial rule (Line No.1), the specific place in Seoul where the people who are belonging to the social position of the homeless caused by the economic incompetence (Black Night), and Invariability of the historical place-square where will exist forever as a space even if times had changed(Mise-en-Scène)

As you can see from examples above, He takes a picture of the present spaces where has a close relationship with the past.