Gapado AiR

Kim Soom

  • Nationality South Korea
  • Duration 2019.03~2019.07

Novelist Soom Kim began her literary career wiwh winning the 1997 Daejeon Ilbo New Writers' award with {On Slowness], and 1998 Munhak Dongnae New Writers' award with [Time in the Middle Ages].
Her short story cllections include [The Bed], [Liver and Gallbladder], [Noodles], [Your God], [I've never seen a goat], novels include [Iron], [Women and their evolving enemies], [Sewing woman], [Are you living as you are], [L's sneakers], [One Person], [Flowing letters], [Have you wanted soldiers to become angels], [Sublimity looks into me]; she won multiple awards including Heo Gyun literary award, Hyundai literary award, Daesan literary award, Lee Sang literary award and Dong li literary award.