Gapado AiR

Kho Nakbeom

  • Nationality South Korea
  • Duration 2019.04~2019.06

Kho Nak Beom received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in painting from Hongik University.
His works can be described as his psychology of color, cultural perspectives, ideas and memories as an artist, captured in still form on canvas. Kho’s trademark ‘Color Stripes’ and ‘Museum Project’, the Portrait Museum series based on them, are a collection of works that
extract colors, place them within certain prescribed limits, and capture them in motionless form.
Kho has held solo exhibitions at destinations including Gallery Yamaguchi (2002), Cais
Gallery and Leeahn Gallery in Daegu (2007) and Coreana Museum of Art (2010). His works are included in the collections of institutions
including Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Daelim Museum, Busan Museum of Art, Coreana Art Museum and
Fukuoka Art Museum.
Kho’s works have also been featured in group exhibitions including 《Walking on Color》 at Interalia (2009), 《Study》 at Savina Museum (2011) and 《SeMA Gold 2012: Hidden Track》 at Seoul Museum of Art (2012).