Gapado AiR

Tsuyoshi Wada

  • Nationality Japan
  • Duration 2019.07~2019.12

Tsuyoshi Wada established Unit 1 in 2018, architecture design practice based in Japan. He gained practical experience working for Witherford Watson Mann architects in London, Architecture research unit in London, and One O One architects in Seoul. After returning to Japan, he worked for a carpentry plant and started not only to design timber furnitures but also to craft on his own. His reseach project was selected in Summer show of Royal Academy of Art 2012.

In his design process, he learns from cultural references to find ways to embed architecture in its context at all scales. He is interested in reinterpretation of traditional art, material, techniques, and architecture languages in order to bring back to contemporary architectural projects. It is to come to an deep understanding of fundamental meanings of what those really are, and is an essential in finding ways to aproach design concepts.